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Be the change you want to find in your dryer.

In the class I wanted to better my skills on the web, and to shape myself as a more rounded, and better-informered person. This class has allowed me to explore my options on putting myself out there on the web and getting exposure in order to voice myself and what i beleive in. From learning literacy to persuading others to join the flat earth society- i have become a better and more involved human being in regards to society.

This class also fulfills the technology fluency requirement of Southern Connecticut State University Liberal Education Program. Beyond showing off a slice of your identity this portfolio serves as an assessment of your growth as a learner.

My Ignite Talk... someone better contact 'Ted Talk' because it is gas.

here it is; my ignite Talk... remember to always question things.

You can also try to join the elite list of people who are a part of the 'Flat Earth Society'

Once you have a caption file you add that to the file as well. I am still making my captions so I will add to the tutorial.

MY Survey Data student reading on a laptop

I have concluded from this survey that the majority of people who went and took my survey have all been finding deeper in the shows and movies that they watch. it has also become clear to me, I had the highest and close to unanamous feedback that it would 'be their honor' to hear more about my opinion on the show 'Rick and Morty'. These peiece of data shown below are simply just little bits of information taken directly from my survey. It was a very interesting and exciting topic and seeing the feedback has made me feel more connected to others because now I know that my friends and family are also doing the deeper meaning questioining bit as well.

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My Image Pathway

Here is my Photo Pathway. It is a series of photos that i have taken in the past recent months that have helped me to discover myself. I spent a lot of time working on myself and connecting to life so these are pictures that have beeen taken in times of me questioing alot of things, and capturing images in moments that i think will help me to put some pieces together. the last two are of me, in two places that have made me grow as a person.

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